the Ian Buschmann Project Jack’s Joint Debut

Join the Ian Buschmann Project for their debut performance at Jack’s Joint: Musiques at O’Connell’s! The Ian Buschmann Project aims to use jazz, blues, and funk as their inspiration to pave a path for their own sound. Emboldened by a rich and vast history within these genres of music, they pair a classic sound with modern overtones. Saint Louis based baritone saxophonist Ian Buschmann heads the project by using a less conventional lead instrument to sculpt melodies, solos, and otherwise extended sounds using his instrument as his artistic tool. Whether you’re in the mood for upbeat grooves, sentimental ballads, or dirty blues, expect to hear it from the Ian Buschmann Project.




Feb 23 2024


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Jack's Joint @ O'Connell's
4652 Shaw Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

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